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3/1/12 01:59 pm - Character Profile: Tangent Green Lantern

Green Lantern:

A woman with a lantern which, when placed upon a grave, can bring the dead back to life just long enough to complete unfinished business.

For the woman known only as Green Lantern the few facts "known" about her may be only rumors with little basis in truth. She has spun three tales of her possible origins, and admits any of those stories might not be the real story.

When she is not performing her mission as keeper of the lantern, the woman lives in a house filled with mystic artifacts. The lantern pulls the mysterious woman to graveyards across the world by teleportation. Sometimes the Green Lantern is aware of why the dead have been brought back to life, at other times it is a mystery even she has to wait to see solved.

Possible Identities:
Lois Lane
Kori Anders

Physical Description:
Female Human
Height: 5' 6" approx.
Weight: 130 lbs. approx.
Hair: black
Eyes: green

Equipment: The Green Lantern uses an old-fashioned Chinese Lantern suspended from a hook. A corona of green mist surrounds the lantern offset by the glowing, green light of the lantern itself. By placing the lantern atop the grave of the recently deceased, Green Lantern can temporarily resurrect the dead, so that they may carry out any unfinished business before returning to the afterlife.

Weapons: In one account, the Green Lantern possessed a mystical orb capable of wielding great power. The orb's full range of capabilities has never been revealed. One of it's known powers is the ability to channel blasts of green energy. Green Lantern can channel this energy and direct at any opponent she chooses.


Tangent Green Lantern can be seen in a few panels of Crisis on Infinite Earths helping citizens escape from the coming anit-waves that are wiping out existence.

While her fate after the Crisis is never mentioned, the Lantern she once carried has found it's way into the possesion of Guy Gardner, and hands outside of his bar "Warriors".

(This Profile was created because of an inability to find a wikipedia page dedicated to this character)

3/1/12 11:40 am

The last time the ultimate beings known as The Brothers became aware of each other, they collided in a conflict that nearly destroyed their two multiverses. Then, for a time, they became one. When they did so, they combined not only themselves, but the many inhabitants of those multiverses. This created what would from then on be referred to as the "Amalgam" universe, and gave rise to such heroes as Dark Claw, Iron Lantern, and Amazon. Their world existed only briefly though; undone through the work of two cosmic beings and a man called Access.

The time of separation was years for the multiverses, however to the Brothers, it was amazingly brief. The Brothers came together, spoke with each other, and gained a new perspective. Armed with the lessons they had learned from their last attempt they became one world again. And their worlds followed suit.
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